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Mission & Values



The Friends of Wilderness Park are committed to sustaining the ecological integrity of Wilderness Park through education, preservation, and community collaboration.


  • Wilderness Park is a place of natural and historical significance worthy of protection and preservation.
  • Active ecological care of Wilderness Park is critical to maintaining its biodiversity of flora and fauna.
  • Wilderness Park is a sanctuary for all, offering recreational enjoyment and a place of peace and natural beauty.
  • Human connection to nature is intrinsic to our physical, emotional, and spiritual health.


The Friends of Wilderness Park will:

  • Educate citizens of the unique nature of Wilderness Park including its native, rare, endangered and threatened species.
  • Create opportunities for research and learning with local educational institutions pertaining to the park’s biological, recreational, and historical value.
  • Advocate for policies that allow for the growth and health of Wilderness Park, through collaboration with citizens, public agencies, and non-profits.
  • Facilitate volunteer efforts that maintain ecological integrity and public use.
  • Celebrate the Park through recreation, expression, and play.