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By supporting Friends of Wilderness Park, you are connecting the community to our natural legacy in Lincoln’s largest park!

Your donation will help multiple projects and programs including:

-          Monthly activities in Wilderness Park for members and the public

-          Scholarships to Lincoln DEVO which teaches mountain bike skills to children in Wilderness Park

-          Supplementing Park maintenance needs through grants

-          Volunteer events like cedar cuts, prescribed burns and other native biodiversity efforts

-          Advocacy through stronger policies relating to the ecological sustainability of Wilderness Park

-          Paper maps for our members and the public

-          Improved signage and infrastructure

-          Educational materials on all aspects of Wilderness Park i.e., Historical, Ecological and Recreational features.

-          Protecting the park from urban sprawl and pollution

All donations count. Any amount of giving makes a difference. Your gift can ensure our community members are introduced to this special place in Lincoln. Thank You!

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